Les Abbott is an author of several eBooks and loves to write about topics of interest.
Les Abbott

Today Les Abbott is cleaning house. He is doing away with projects and ideas that are no longer feasible and is totally redesigning his website to reflect him and his interests.

Some WordPress programs can be tricky getting the banners setup properly and so Les spent a lot of time editing but then he smiles at how much he saved.

Part of Les Abbott’s motivation for going back to the blogging method is that He along with many others are tired of big tech shutting down ads and YouTube Channels over seemingly nothing. Nothing that they will communicate directly to you about anyway. No warning. Gone!

Three weeks ago Google approved a video ad. Days later YouTube owned by Google removed that same video along with all the other videos and shut down the entire account. When asked for the reason they simply stated they were Not turning the channel back on and to read their community guidelines.

Based upon the lack of criteria and hundreds of hours of lost work – Les Abbott decided that he would simply not play their control game nor give them anymore ad dollars and go back to simply writing content. It might take time but so does video creation and when they remove your whole channel, well their is nothing left after all that work.

So, he gives a huge ‘raspberry’ to Google – in fact a whole lot of raspberries raspberrries for their control tactics and he will get back to content marketing – which seems to be what they want anyway.

Les Abbott

Recently he has been working on three eCourses simultaneously according to the thoughts of the day.

The first one ‘Affiliate Marketing – Strategies for Success‘ will be available on a few different platforms.

The second eCourse ‘Millionaire Mindset – Discovering Abundance‘ is listed on ClickBank but together they are still working out payment links.

The third one also written by Les Abbott is actually an eBook and Video Course ‘How To Sell Online Courses‘ and is still in video production.

As you can see, he is quite busy and some things take longer due to slow internet service and daily interruptions but Les Abbott is making progress.

Once ‘Millionaire Mindset – Discovering Abundance’ is readily available on ClickBank, Les Abbott is planning on doing a larger video Mastermind Event.

In the meantime, he will focus on providing content and ideas for his readers.


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