The We Got Friends free 30 day pre-launch is off to a great start. Since the pre-launch started on Friday, February 17 I have 4,000 people on my team: 3,000 in the left leg and 1,050 in the right leg!

If you have not yet registered for free go here and register ASAP –

They are expecting 100,000+ to register before the business launches.

To those that have already registered join the company Facebook Group from this link:

More information will be added to the website and back office over the coming days and weeks as they get closer to the actual launch. Don’t worry about all of the details right now, the important thing right now is that you get registered and lock in your position in the NitroLine ASAP! This is a free pre-launch so the position you secure now will be your spot when We Got Friends launches in mid-March if you decide to upgrade. If you decide to not upgrade then you do nothing.

The core product will be something we all need, 100 USA Leads with names, email addresses, and phone numbers every month.

Now. go lock in your spot for free and let’s see how large we can build this in the next full week.

We Got Friends holds live webinars at 9 pm EST Monday – Thursday you can join the webinars from this link:

Meeting ID: 978 9543 3115


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