Global Crypto

Global Crypto

Launching October 18th, 2021

Earn 2000 free tokens ($200 Value) per referral and up to 35% of trading fees from your referrals.

7,001 Spots out of 10,000 spots in private sale round 1 are already gone

Remember price increases by 50 % in private sale round 2 from $0.0001 per GCX to $0.00015 per GCX

Make sure you don’t miss out this chance to pick up GCX tokens in bulk

in round 1 of private sale at only $0.0001 per GCX which is 1000 % cheaper than IEO price and 50 % cheaper than private sale round 2 which will start at $0.00015

Grab your share now ASAP

Once you login to GCX back office , click the link above and you will be taken to private sale page and then inside you will see 6 different packs to choose from and pick the one which is in your budget and get your GCX coins right away at massive savings of over 2000 %

Remember private sale round 1 has maximum token allocation of 10 billion tokens or $1 million in raised funds and then private sale round 2 will start at 50 % higher prices

The maximum number of members allowed to participate is 10,000 though we believe this will sell out much faster as higher value packs are also available

Minimum participation amount is $100 and maximum participation amount is $5000


Admin – GCX

P.S Earlier Emails Regarding Private Sale

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding Tokenomics

of GCX token on our twitter profile and since you are a part

of VIP list for private sale round 1 , here is more important

information for you

Total Supply of GCX tokens : 100 Billion

50 % For Private Sale – There will be 5 private sale rounds

Private Sale Round 1 – 10 Billion Tokens At Average Price of $0.0001 Per GCX token

( Starts 3rd January And Ends Once All Tokens Are Sold Out )

Private Sale Round 2 – 10 Billion Tokens With Average Price of $0.00015 Per GCX token

Private Sale Round 3 – 10 Billion Tokens With Average Price of $0.0002 Per GCX Token

Private Sale Round 4 : 10 Billion Tokens With Average Price Of $0.00025 Per GCX Token

Private Sale Round 5 : 10 Billion Tokens With Average Price of $0.0003 Per GCX Token

20 % Public Sale

10 % Airdrop – 10 Billion Tokens

( 3000 tokens distributed per free airdrop user 1000 for user and 2000 to sponsor – we targeting 3.3 million users appropriately – airdrop tokens will be released on ERC20 chain with same lockup ratio as team with 5 % monthly release for 20 months )

This will ensure no token dump from free airdrop users

10 % Team ( 20 Months Lock Up With 5 % monthly Release For Founders )

10 % Marketing And Corporate PR/Branding Expenses

Hope this was helpful !

6 days to go – Get Ready To Grab your 1 Million tokens at $100 In private Sale round 1

You will get a heads up above everyone else moment we go live !

Remember only 10,000 contributors will be expected and amount allowed per contributor is max $100

It’s time to give power to masses

You will be able to get 1 million GCX tokens for only $100 i.e price per GCX token is $0.0001 which is 99 % cheaper than the IEO price of $0.1 per GCX token

Payment mode will be bitcoin , litecoin and ethereum

Make sure to have one of these currencies ready

Moment we reach 10,000 contributors – round 1 will be closed and then round 2 will start a week later at price of $0.00015 per GCX tokens which is 1.5x of price of round 1

So do whatever it takes and get a seat in round 1 and grab your 1 million tokens

Don’t sleep on this


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