Affiliate marketing is making top marketers a lot of money, and many people with no money, and anywhere in between.

The market isn’t what it may seem and while the lures and promises are out there for everyone to see, only skillful people come to realize the fortunes promised.

It seems once again that those who have money can easily afford the best course of action and therefore provide an opportunity become profitable.

But for many people affiliate marketing it not what it seems. The question becomes, ‘How do achieve success?’

That is exactly why I took the time to write my latest eBook.

Affiliate Marketing - Strategies For Success

There are a lot of hurdles for the average person to overcome and I take the time to mention ideas, provide practical solutions and I even offer free and paid resources for other affiliate marketers to consider.

This eBook is more like an eCourse with 61 pages of readable material and 20+ years of affiliate marketing experience to back it all up.

The eBook covers many facets of Affiliate Marketing and each viewer will able to immediately apply at least a few points right away.

Affiliate Marketing

To help you understand the value of the eBook I will now take the time to show a few excerpts.

Give them something so they can make up their own mind if they even want to bother clicking that link or not. 

Cleverly disguising the offer really does not work. People get offended when tricked or manipulated into something. 

Also include testimonials from users who have already tried the product. People buy from people they know or trust. So, take the time to find a few people that will actually use the product. 

Page 11 Affiliate Marketing – Strategies For Success

Some modern MLM and networking groups fall under that category and are technically not affiliate programs because there is an ongoing need to recruit new people. 

A true affiliate is selling a product and they are not in the business of recruiting people to recruit more and more people. 

Basically, this kind of market does not have a real worthy product and you do not want to be associated with these schemes. Otherwise, you will exhaust yourself from constant recruiting. 

It is obvious you want to be with a program that offers high quality products that you will readily endorse.   

Any business must have a useable and refundable product to be legal. 

Page 23 Affiliate Marketing – Strategies For Success

In the above examples we talk about certain styles of marketing and what works and what clearly does not work. MLM type affiliate business models don’t work due to the constant need to recruit people. Additionally, using trickery to lure people to click on something usually back fires and another missed opportunity.

The eBook is currently in the process of listing on an affiliate platform and will be ready in the New Year.


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